Hawk Outing 24 Sept

Wesley and I took the dogs and the hawks for an outing on Sunday to check out a field near a golf course in Rio Vista. We parked across the road in a gravel area. Shelby was first out of his box and up on the door to check out the new location.

Both hawks were ready to get out and fly. In this photo Shelby (orange) is flying over Rusty (pink):

Farli enjoyed hunting out in the field, but wobbled more on the uneven footing

Shelby found a nice box to perch on

Ritka enjoyed a good swim in the creek.

Rusty reminded Diane to provide tid bits.

Rusty flew over the fields

Rusty followed Ritka to see if she was finding any prey

Rusty and Shelby (left to right) shared a perch in a pine tree.

Farli enjoyed hunting in the fields

Ritka also ran and hunted with joy

But no prey was found.

Rusty and then Shelby perched in another tree (no photo). As Wesley and I approached a Great Horned Owl flew off. It was mobbed by a kestrel, but the camera did not capture the kestrel.

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  1. jody Says:

    Beautiful pictures

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